Preview: All New X-Men 26
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I can’t wait to see where this goes. At first I thought Jean was going to transfer her anger from All New Scott, to Uncanny Scott. But now that All New is out the picture, it creates something of a void in her life that Uncanny might be able to help fill.

What if they develop a big brother/little sister relationship?

I feel for Jean. Every day she wakes up, she is probably more, and more terrified about what is in store for her. Her abilities control her more than she controls them. I can’t imagine feeling this locked into a horrifying fate at her age. It is raw emotion, and instinct that seems to be driving her at this point. Each decision she makes to alter what comes next backfires as she flails about, trying to resist her future.

She needs to gain some balance. I wonder if Emma can help her find it?

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