X-Factor 41 & 42

Louise Simonson (w)  Art Adams & Al Milgrom (a)

Fast forward some time after his birth. Cyclops is not with Maddy anymore (what happened here is not exactly his most sterling moment), He is back with Jean Grey, and they are raising Nathan. The original X-Men are part of a team called X-Factor at this time.

Nathan gets to go on missions with the family, and during these outings, it is discovered that he is a rare form of mutant. One whose powers develop as an infant, and not at puberty. Hope was like this. He has a near indestructible shield that envelopes him whenever he is danger. With the family he has, this is sure to come in handy.

As a personal side note, this is the first time I saw the original X-Men together in action, and was what introduced me to Art Adams. Some of the most emotionally valuable comics in my collection.

Cyclops and Cable

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