Preview: All New X-Men 9

Bendis | Immonen

Kitty is doing a great job in the series so far. I have to admit that I was not really a big fan of her in the past. seeing her grow and take on new irresponsibility in the family business has done wonders for my image of her though.

Jean still does not get why what she did to Warren was wrong, and glad to see how quickly Kitty stopped her in her tracks with that thought.. Really looking into seeing how that plot line develops. 

One of my favorite little details here, is seeing Spidey swing through the streets. It is a shared universe, that mostly takes place in NY, a city with 7000 (I think) super heroes. There really should be more of these types of cross overs, showing that they are sharing the same space.

Like Imagine the FF are having an adventure in down town Manhattan at the same time Thor is punching it up with someone super strong dude in Central Park. Thor gets punched really hard, and sent flying. What you do is have him appear in a panel, flying in the sky overhead in the corresponding issue of FF. 

Nobody meets up or anything, but you see that this is the same world.

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