And Cesar Did Fall

This was my introduction to Brian Bendis & Alex Maleev. I fell in love immediately with their work. Bendis’ way of writing dialogue had me hearing the character’s voices in my head from the start. Maleev was using art techniques that I had previously been unaware of, and creating a new style of art for mainstream comics.

This was right at the height of my favorite era of Marvel. When Joe Quesada & Bill Jemas were making magic happen at the House of Ideas.

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    Have to aggree this series and Creator combo got me reading Marvel again. Bendis on Daredevil was brilliant …too bad it...
  2. alwaysnevernotgivingafuck said: The Bendis/Maleev run on daredevil is amazing. Such a long and consistently good run. There are few books that have been that good for that long.
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