Selling readers on new characters has been a tough thing for a lot longer than ten years. Marvel puts Wolverine in so many books because he will sell comics. They are a business and need to make money. That being said, Miles Morales, Winter Soldier, Kid Omega, Hope, Fantomex, Maria Hill, Jessica Jones, X-23, and Doctor Nemesis come to mind. There are a bunch of new characters in Wolverine & the X-Men that look like they could take off. I like Broo, a lot.

Marvel does put out new ideas and characters, but they have to stick with readers who BUY comics if you want to see them keep being made.

And it is not all nostalgia. The Wolverine of today is not the same guy we had when I first started reading comics. Cyclops is not running on nostalgia at all. He is arguably the most interesting character at Marvel, and is treading all new territory. Lots of old characters are being presented in new interesting ways right now.

Do you read books from Image, IDW, Oni Press? These are all companies that put new ideas out there all of the time. Maybe you should check them out.

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