So I recently added a donate button.

I have some additional tech bills coming up. This blog takes real time and effort. Anything you want to give would be appreciated. 

No pressure, though. I will keep on keeping on, either way.

You seriously are my favorite blog. You are always respectful when discussing cyclops and I learn a lot from your posts. Don't ever stop blogging.


Thanks person I don’t know! I have no plans of stopping ant time soon.

You seem like a really nice guy.


Thanks. I have my moments. I am an asshole at times. Hopefully I am your kind of asshole.

For the longest time I always thought u were a woman until u posted a picture of yourself


That is funny. I also run a blog about women I find attractive.very often men send me messages assuming I am a woman as well.



Strong Women & the Creators that Empower Them.

It’s the full panel, but worth your time:

"If you can take a character and replace her with a sexy lamp and your plot still functions then…fuck you…" - DeConnick

That was the first time Kelly Sue and I were ever on the same panel and I was so happy!

Good stuff.



Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]

There is a part of me that sometimes wants to get away from civilization, and wake up there. You know the times when the caveman portion of your brain just sings?